Cardamom Suppliers in India

We Ling Exports are one of the leading and finest exporters and suppliers of Cardamom in India. We strictly ensure that the Cardamom we supply is of the highest quality and 100 percent meets the requirements of our customers. We procure only the highest quality; farm fresh Cardamom directly from south Indian farmers. Cardamom is the most sourced and highly in demanded spices in international market. Indian Cardamom is popular for its high quality and flavor.

We supply two Varieties of Cardamom they are

1.Green Cardamom

2. Long or big Cardamom

Cardamom Exporters in India

We select farm fresh pure and high quality cardamom for exports. Being a quality savvy company we ensure that the cardamom we export satisfy 100 percent of our customer’s requirements.

Cardamom is queen of all spices and most popular around the world. Cardamom is cultivated more than 80,000 hectares throughout India and Indian cardamom is exported to all destinations around the world because of its uniqueness and high quality and flavor.

Supplying Black Cardamom to customer demands

If you are looking for suppliers of high quality cardamom then your search ends here, we are one of the leading cardamom suppliers from India.

We supply the right products according to the customer’s choice and requirements. We have established a very good reputation among the buyers all over the world by supplying very high quality cardamom on every purchase.

Know about Cardamom

Cardamom is a plant grown in shades and of a life span of 15 to 20 years. Cardamom plants mature about 20 to 22 months and starts to yielding from 3 rd year after plantation. Cardamom plants grows about 2 to 4 meter in height and is a shallow rooted plant suited even to grow in poly bags.

Uses of Cardamom

Cardamom is the most popular as flavoring agent and is widely used in preparing various foods, soups, confectionery, coffee, tea, cakes, ice creams, sauces, breads, chutneys, non vegetarian foods, beverages and liquors because of its unique flavor and aroma.

Medicinal use of Cardamom

Green cardamom is used to treat tooth pain for centuries in India.  Cardamom is used widely to treat infections in teeth and gums, throat problems, congestion of lungs, tuberculosis and digestive disorders.

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