Black Pepper Suppliers in India

We ling exports supply high quality black pepper in India. We are more than happy to give more details of our products and availability of it for customers all over the world. We are looking for long term mutual benefits with our customers and buyers who are interested in buying a high quality of Black pepper from us.

Black Pepper Exporters in India

Black Pepper is also called as black gold because of its very high demand in world market and a popular spice which is used in all dishes and recipes daily. We are one of the leading Black Pepper Exporters in India.

We source farm, natural, fresh and high quality black pepper from the farmers directly and graded them according to their size and quality. Washed dried and quality checked and delivered according to the customers requirements.

Supplying Black Pepper to customer demands

If you are looking for suppliers of high quality Black pepper then your search ends here, we are one of the leading black pepper suppliers from India

We supply the right products according to the customer’s choice and requirements. We have established a very good reputation among the buyers of very high quality black pepper by supplying them high quality products every time on every purchase among the buyers all over the world by supplying very high quality cardamom on every purchase.

Know About Pepper

Pepper is considered to be a money minting plant because of its heavy demand all over the world. Pepper is vine which needs support of trees, climbing frames or poles to grow. Pepper vine can grow up to 14 feet from the ground level. The leaves are green and about 5 to 10 Cm long and 3 to 6 Cm wide. The pepper fruit spikes are 7 to 15 Cm long and after the process it becomes pepper

Pepper grows well over an altitude of 3000 ft below the sea level. The pepper plant needs a good caring, watering and nurturing. The roots are covered in leaf mulch and manure and the shoots are well trimmed twice a year. The pepper plant starts to bear fruit from the fourth year. A single plant will bear around 20 to 30 fruit spikes and will be harvested once the fruit turns from green to red. The spikes are collected carefully without damaging it and dried in the sun and are treated for quality.

Medicinal use of Pepper

Pepper is traditionally used as medicines over ancient periods.  Pepper was believed to cure illness like cold, joint pain, liver pain, oral abscesses, sun burn, tooth decay, insect bites, constipation, stomach problems, diarrhea, heart disease, hernia and indigestion

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