Red Chillies Exporters from India

We are one of the leading Red Chilly Exporters from India. We source premium range, farm fresh Red Chillies from Indian farmers directly and check for several quality aspects and separate it quality wise and export it to our client’s world wide.

We have a team of professionals with years of experiences working with us to ensure we export the right quality of Chillies according to our customer’s requirements.

Two varieties of Chillies we supply are

1. Long Chillies or Finger Chillies

2. Short Chillies or Bulb Chillies

Red Chillies Suppliers in India

We are one of the leading Red Chillies Suppliers in India. Please forward your requirements for high quality Red Chillies, we then source them to your quality requirements and then forward you the samples and you can check the samples for quality and if you are satisfied with the quality you can place an order with us.

Know your Red Chillies

Chilli plant is a small shrub growing up to 4 feet.  There are several varieties of Chillies available and most of them are popular for their hot spicy flavor. Red Chillies are widely cultivated all over India.  Indian Red Chillies are very popular around the world.

Medicinal use of Red Chillies

The Red Chillies are used in several traditional Indian medications and it is believed a cure for cholera, acts as an antiseptic, for dog bite, prevents insects and bed bugs, cures stomach and digestive problems, in strengthening arteries, and weight loss. 

Nearest Port is Cochin and Chennai
Export items – Red Chillies

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