Tamarind Suppliers in India

We Ling exports a leading suppliers of Indian Tamarind and Exporters of Indian Tamarind all over the world. We have high quality seedless tamarind available in two forms

1. Made into fresh and high quality rounded sheets without seeds,
2. Grinded into a thick paste ready for use,

Tamarind is packed, quality checked for freshness, taste and ready to deliver any parts of the globe. A leading exporter of tamarind we know that quality brings in more customers so we are quality conscious

Supply Tamarind to demands

We supply Tamarind according to the customer’s requirements. We clearly understand the customer’s requirements and supply the right products so that our customers get what they have asked for.

Tamarind Exporters in India

We Ling Exports are one of the leading exporters of high quality Tamarind at affordable cost. We have a professional team who will take care of your spices requirements in a professional way. We have more than two years of experience in exporting tamarind to various part of world.

Know more about Tamarind

A Tamarind fruit is produced from tamarind tree which grows well in full sun and in clay, loam, sandy and acidic soils. It attains a maximum height of 40 to 60 feet from the ground level.

About Tamarind Tree

It is a bushy tree of long life span of more than 200 years and a fully grown tree can produce 200 kilos per year.  The tree started producing tamarind fruit from the fourth year of plantation. The leaves of tamarind tree are green in color and less than 5 cm in length and it closes it leaves at night and tastes sour.

About Tamarind Fruit

Tamarind is a famous ingredient in most of Indian recipes because of its unique sweet and sour taste; it is used widely from olden days of Indian and south Indian history. Tamarind fruit is unique with its sweet and sour taste and is high in acid, sugar, vitamin B and calcium.  The fruit of tamarind is indehiscent legume and called as pod with hard brown shell cover protecting it.  The fruit is about 15 cm long and have about 8 to 12 seeds in each pod.  The seeds are reddish brown color and are used in some of the south Indian dishes.  

Tamarind tree is grown widely all over India and used in several famous traditional dishes of Indian and south Indian recipes

Uses of Tamarind

Tamarind is an ancient is widely used for several famous recipes world wide. It is quite famous for its unique taste and flavor. In south India tamarind is used for chutneys and sambars a famous cuisine in south Indian dishes.

Medicinal use of Tamarind

Tamarind is used as cure for Stomach disorders, constipation, liver problems, gallbladder problems, nausea and Intestinal worm’s problems. Tamarind seeds are used as a cast on the broken bones and the extracts of tamarind seeds are used as eye drops.

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